Pulling Contest Rules & Regulations

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Friday, August 11, 2023 — 6:30pm
Open to Pickups • Antique • Classic • Out of Field Tractors & Semis 

*PLEASE PRE-REGISTER Online or by mailing your entry form to the Fair Office (PO Box 490, Willmar, MN 56201)*

Adults $10.00
Age 5-12 $5.00
Under 5 Free 

Side Gate Pit - $20.00
Back Gate Pit - $25.00 ($5.00 parking) Non-Pullers
To enter the pit you must sign a waiver. If you are under 18 a parent must sign the waiver for you.

Truck and Tractor Pull Announcer: Dave Nurmi

WEIGH IN: 3:00-6:00pm.
Late fee of $10.00 after 6:00pm.

General Pulling Rules (Truck & Tractor)

    1. The pull is open to contestants from Kandiyohi County or adjoining areas. Limited Class Sizes!
      (two entries allowed per unit). ADVANCE ENTRY FEE for OPEN CLASS TRACTORS & TRUCKS is $20.00 per hook.
      All entries after 6:00pm (on day of the pull) will be assesed a $10 late fee.
    2. Trophies and cash will be given to the first 3 places.
    3. Only 10 entries per class. Drivers under 18 must have a parental signature on the entry form. Minimum age is 15. Driver and persons in pit area must sign a release from the Fair Board. DRIVERS MUST BE SOBER! Will be denied participation for recklessness and drunkenness.
    4. A violation of any rule constitutes a disqualification. The contestant is governed by judges and all the decisions are final. Judges also have the right to stop and disqualify any vehicles not being safely operated. Pit Area speed limit 5 mph. Vehicles must stop immediately upon the signal from the judges. No repull unless determined by track officials.
    5. Contestants must pull at assigned positions at the time of the sleds readiness, any delay will mean disqualification. Officials will determine if contest runs out of bounds.  Pull is over when forward motion stops. Vehicle must be in neutral when being hooked & unhooked and pull from tight chain, no jerking of the chain. Violations constitutes a disqualification.
Factory Stock Truck MUST BE STOCK  with no pulling hitches, must be from bumper hitch. No weight brackets on factory stock trucks. HITCH HEIGHT OF 26 INCHES must be solid hitch. Must have workable brakes. No chains or studded tires and must have stock road tires. Weights and weight brackets not to exceed 60 inches from center of front axle.  No weights or passengers in cab. No suspension Mods in Stock. Complete class rules upon request. 

TRUCK / SEMI / EXHIBITION CLASSES:  Technical Information Contact-David McClain 320-894-5891
O) Street Legal Gas 5,800 lbs.
OO) Street Legal Gas 6,500 lbs.
P) Street Legal Diesel 8,000 lbs.
PP) Street Legal Diesel 8,500 lbs.
Q) Semi  
R) Exhibition  


          MODIFIED CLASSES: Technical Information Contact-David McClain 320-894-5891

2 Hot 2 Farm Class: No cut tires. Stock style injection pump. *No Water Injection*
*No Water Injection*
HF) Hot Farm     7,500 lbs
M) 2 Hot 2 Farm
9,500 lbs *No Water Injection*
MM) 2 Hot 2  Farm
10,500 lbs *No Water Injection* 
MMM) 2 Hot 2 Farm 12,500 lbs *No Water Injection* 
N) Modified 6,000 lbs
NN) Pro Stock 7,500 lbs
NNN) Unlimited 8,500 lbs
Unlimited 9,000 lbs
TRACTOR CLASSES: Technical Information Contact-David McClain 320-894-5891

ANTIQUE & CLASSIC TRACTORS: Must pull with FACTORY STOCK DRAWBAR 20” HEIGHT, 18” LENGTH FROM CENTER OF REAR AXLE. No front weights more than 11 ft. from center of rear axle. Contestants must furnish drawbar pin and clevis for these classes. No dual fuels, must have stock carbs, fuel systems, intake and exhaust manifolds and must be within 10% of factory RPM’s. Pre RPM checks available. Must be original manufactured equipment. *No cut tires.*
A) Antique & Classic 3,600 lbs 3mph Tire size 13.6x38
AA) Antique & Classic 3,600 lbs 6mph Tire size 13.6x38 
AAA) Antique & Classic 4,000 lbs 3mph Tire size 13.6x38
AAAA)) Antique & Classic 4,000 lbs 6mph Tire size 13.6x38
B) Antique & Classic 4,500 lbs 3mph Tire size 13.6x38
BB) Antique & Classic 4,500 lbs 6mph Tire size 13.6x38
C) Antique & Classic 5,000 lbs 3mph Tire size 16.9x34
CC) Antique & Classic 5,000 lbs 6mph Tire size 13.6x34
D) Antique & Classic 5,500 lbs 3mph Tire size 16.9x34
DD) Antique & Classic 5,500 lbs 6mph Tire size 16.9x34
E) Antique & Classic 6,000 lbs 3mph Tire size 16.9x34
EE) Antique & Classic 6,000 lbs 6mph Tire size 16.9x34
F) Antique & Classic 6,500 lbs 3mph Tire size 16.9x34
FF) Antique & Classic 6,500 lbs 6mph Tire size 16.9x34
G) Antique & Classic 7,500 lbs 6mph Tire size 18.4x38
GG) Antique & Classic 8,500 lbs 6mph Tire size 18.4x38
GGG) Antique & Classic 9,500 lbs 6mph Tire size 18.4x38
H) Out of the Field 10, 500 lbs 6mph *No Water Injection*
HH) Improved Farm 10,500 lbs 12mph *No Water Injection*
I) Out of the Field 12,500 lbs 6mph *No Water Injection*
II) Improved Farm 12,500 lbs 12mph *No Water Injection*
J) Out of the Field 15,000 lbs 6mph *No Water Injection*
JJ) Improved Farm 15,000 lbs 12mph *No Water Injection*
JJJ) Out of the Field 18,000 lbs 10mph *No Water Injection*
K) Out of the Field 21,000 lbs 10mph
KK) Out of the Field 25,000 lbs 10mph
L) Out of the Field 29,000 lbs 10mph
LL) Out of the Field 33,000 lbs 10mph

OUT-OF-FIELD TRACTORS: Maximum DRAWBAR HEIGHT 20” at hook point, solid drawbar.  Driver must furnish his own clevis to accept a 3 inch hook. DRAWBAR MUST BE 18” from center of rear axle. Only two weights on the scale. No loaders or mounted equipment allowed and ALL WEIGHTS MUST BE WITHIN 24 INCHES OF THE FRAME. No dual fuels or oxidizers in stock classes. Stock appearing manifolds and pumps on field tractors. Must be within 10% of factory RPM’s.  Shifting of gears allowed. Duals may be used in 10,500 lb. and up. Complete class rules available upon request.


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