Amateur Talent Contest – Thursday August 6th at 6:30 pm on the Heritage Square Stage
Encore of Winners at 8:30 pm

AUDITIONS:   NO AUDITIONS required for the 2020 Talent Contest
                        Please be pre-registered by 6pm Tuesday August 4th, 2020

2020 Kandiyohi County Fair - Minnesota State Fair Talent Contest
There is no fee to enter this contest. 

Entry Form

Rules and Information 

This contest is open to all amateur entertainers.  Professionals whose principle source of income is from this talent are not permitted to enter.  Acts that have participated in the past may compete again with the exception of the first place winners in the Open Division.  First place winners in the Pre-Teen Division and Teen Division must move up into the next division. 


The Open Division is for any contestant, regardless of age.  The Teen Division is open to contestants who are between the ages of 13 and 18 only.  The Pre-Teen Division is open to contestants age 12 and under only.  Accompanists (when not a part of the act) may be of any age. 

County Finals

All contestants will be judged on quality of performance (talent), stage presence (use of stage, mic, eye contact, etc.), entertainment value (was the audience entertained, did they enjoy the act) and selection (did the selection fit the performer’s ability to perform, was it appropriate for the performer/venue/audience).  Five qualified judges have been secured to determine winners. 

The time limit is 4 minutes.  Points will be deducted for contestants going overtime.  Musical groups and vocalists are allowed to perform a medley of tunes, provided it remains within the four-minute time limit.

A piano or keyboard will be provided, but contestants must secure their own accompanist.  The fair board provides an excellent sound system.  A sound technician is also provided.  There will be no rehearsals the day of competition.  Vocalists may use tape or CD accompaniment, however, absolutely no backup vocals will be allowed.  Using taped backup vocals will result in immediate disqualification. 

  First Place Second Place Third Place
Open Division $200 $125 $100
Teen Division $175 $100 $75
Pre-Teen Division $175 $100 $75


All contestants must be pre-registered by 6pm Tuesday August 4th to perform at the  Kandiyohi County Fair/State Fair Talent Contest on Thursday, August 6, 2020 at 6:30 PM.  The first and second place winners from each of the three divisions will be asked to perform in an encore show following the announcement of winners that evening at 8:30 pm.

State Fair

The Kandiyohi County Fair division first place winners are considered to be semi-finalists for the Minnesota State Fair Talent Contest.  Names of first place winners will be released to the State Fair Talent Contest committee immediately following the Kandiyohi County Fair.  The State Fair will then contact first place winners directly to provide further information and make necessary arrangements.

NOTE:  Contestants may represent only one county in one age division at the Minnesota State Fair Talent Contest.
The Kandiyohi County Fair Talent Contest is open to Kandiyohi County residents and non- Kandiyohi County residents.  You do NOT need to be a resident of Kandiyohi County.

For questions or further information, please contact: Gwen Krebsbach at 320-220-0141 or 
or Kathy Vruwink at 320-905-3806 or

Thank you for participating in the Kandiyohi County/State Fair Talent Contest!